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Transforming Procurement with SAP Ariba and DSSI: Streamlining Processes and Achieving Cost Savings

Are you in the process of implementing Ariba? DSSI is a leading indirect procurement integration partner, providing collaborative and innovative solutions to customer-specific challenges. We help clients reduce transaction costs and inefficiencies through automation, rapid supplier onboarding and reduction in non-catalog spend. We achieve this by managing tail-end using similar processes to Strategic Spend while driving strict compliance and providing end-to-end transaction and savings visibility.

DSSI Helps Clients Succeed in their Digital Procurement Transformation Journey

DSSI's solution and effective implementation process guarantee your success, regardless of how long you've been using SAP Ariba for Procure-To-Pay and how difficult it is for you to fulfill your strategic procurement goals.


  • Hundreds of Indirect Suppliers, many of whom might not have the resources or technical know-how to support a new platform such as SAP Ariba.
  • The difficult and time-consuming process to onboard all suppliers
  • A large number of internal users and shipping locations
  • High cost of setting up and testing integration with preferred suppliers.
  • Lack of understanding throughout the organization regarding the number of tail-end vendors.
  • Lack of buy-in from internal users due to the learning curve involved in working with various punchout suppliers. 
  • Increased complexity of classifying the entire indirect spend to specific commodity codes.
  • Sales Tax compliance across a broad supply base
  • Different processes of procuring materials and services 


Ariba Integrated Supplier-1

DSSI solution and service offering is distinctive in that it helps clients reduce costs associated with their implementation and get started quickly.

  • DSSI supports both Ariba Punchout Catalog and Ariba Hosted Catalog (CIF Files automatically posted in Ariba) options but recommends Punchout with most of its clients.
  • DSSI is an Ariba-integrated supplier with multiple Ariba Network IDs to support its clients in North America and Europe. We receive the Purchase Orders using the EDI 850 standards and send EDI 810 invoices back to Ariba.
  • DSSI supports a unique full-access Punchout that offers an excellent user experience that can benefit your organization. New users can self-register utilizing the dynamic provisioning options, which enables them to access the sourcing modules within the DSSI platform and track previously placed orders.
  • Single-managed catalog for all your preferred and tail-end suppliers. Clients can choose DSSI to manage all their Indirect Spend or carve out the categories or vendors for DSSI to manage.
  • Simplified user experience as they only have to learn and adapt to a single platform to access their custom catalog and track all their purchase orders.
  • Only one vendor record is needed in your SAP Ariba procurement system with a single payment term across all suppliers managed under the DSSI program. 
  • Line-item level taxability in the US (if needed), CFDI-compliant invoicing in Mexico and VAT-compliant invoicing in Europe to streamline your end-to-end procurement experience.
  • DSSI’s Source-To-Pay program supports all your indirect sourcing needs by assigning experienced buyers for Spot Buy support and order management, the category management team handles pro-active category sourcing, order fulfillment teams follow up on past due PO’s, and the accounts payable team manages supplier invoicing and payment settlement activities. 
  • A dedicated project manager and business unit buyers provide comprehensive support during and after implementation. 

Success Story

A large enterprise with over 200 sites in the US migrated to Ariba and partnered with DSSI to optimize the user’s buying experience and onboard hundreds of suppliers to support their tail-end strategy.


  • Realized significant cost savings by utilizing DSSI's category management expertise and multi-client aggregation; and 
  • Reduced purchasing expenses by leveraging DSSI's buyers, order fulfillment, accounts payable, and IT teams.
  • Increased enterprise-level spend visibility and KPI tracking by leveraging DSSI's Business Intelligence dashboards, which provide a comprehensive view of Clients Spend, Sourcing Events, Shipping Performance, and Payables.
  • Reduced non-catalog orders using DSSI's disciplined item master approach, which provided improved visibility into managed spend.
  • Leveraged DSSI's strategic catalog, rapid supplier onboarding processes and deep procurement knowledge to accelerate launch operations and simplify the purchase experience.
  • Improved operational efficiency by centralizing the management of all shipping locations and users on a single platform.  
  • Met the supplier consolidation goals and improved process efficiencies by engaging with a single provider to support all their sites.

DSSI’s agile procurement methodologies, source-to-pay methodologies, and end-to-end integration with Ariba have helped large companies realize their digital procurement transformation goals. If you are interested in doing business with DSSI through Ariba, please contact us.