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Top five MRO solutions for enterprise procurement teams

For enterprise procurement teams, cost savings are everything. As such, they are increasingly seeking advanced solutions that can streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Here, we explore the top five advanced MRO solutions that stand out in the market, catering to diverse needs across various industries.

1 - IBM MRO Inventory Optimization

Offering: This cloud-based solution utilizes AI, prescriptive analytics and automation to optimize MRO inventory management. It aims to improve margins and service levels while minimizing downtime.

Markets Served: Asset-intensive industries, such as oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing and transportation.


  • Advanced analytics for predictive maintenance and inventory optimization.
  • Real-time decision-making support.
  • Brand recognition.


  • The complexity of features might require specialized skills.
  • Higher cost due to advanced AI capabilities.
  • May require significant data integration and implementation efforts.
  • Limited information available on specific MRO functionality beyond inventory optimization.

2 - DSSI - MRO Spend Management Services

Offering: DSSI provides a comprehensive e-procurement platform known as Epic®, which facilitates the management of MRO spending through features like strategic catalog access, RFQ support and ongoing category management.

Markets Served: DSSI's solutions are tailored for mid to large organizations looking to optimize their procurement processes. The platform is used by various companies requiring robust spend management for indirect materials, particularly manufacturers in the automotive, heavy industrial, pharma and furniture industries.


  • Comprehensive support for sourcing and purchasing.
  • Integration capabilities with legacy ERP systems.
  • Customizable support and analytics dashboards.
  • Expertise and ongoing support from DSSI's team of procurement professionals.
  • Provides a centralized platform for sourcing MRO supplies and services from a network of suppliers.
  • Offers tools for managing spend, tracking orders and analyzing procurement data.
  • Supports various procurement processes, including spot buys, reverse auctions and contract management.


  • May require initial training to leverage the full suite of features.
  • Primarily focused on indirect materials, which might not cover all procurement needs.

3 - IFS - Comprehensive MRO Solutions

Offering: IFS offers a suite of MRO solutions that cover various aspects of asset lifecycle management, including maintenance, repair, overhaul and supply chain management.

Markets Served: Aerospace, defense, energy, utilities, manufacturing and service industries.


  • Comprehensive end-to-end capabilities.
  • Industry-tailored solutions for diverse sectors.
  • Supports full lifecycle from planning to execution.


  • May require significant investment for full implementation.
  • Complexity of features could necessitate specialized training.

4 - Siemens Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management

Offering: Siemens' Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) is a comprehensive MRO solution that leverages digital technologies to optimize MRO delivery for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and asset owners/operators across various industries, particularly those with highly engineered products and long-lasting assets. 

Target Markets: Aerospace, defense, automotive, machinery and other industries with complex, long-life assets.


  • Robust MRO strategy for maximizing asset availability and reliability.
  • Integrates with Siemens' product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for seamless data flow.
  • Supports various MRO approaches, from routine maintenance to depot-level overhauls.


  • May require significant investment and integration efforts for non-Siemens PLM users.
  • Limited information on specific industry implementations and customer success stories.

5 - Ibaset Solumina MRO

Offering: Ibaset's Solumina MRO solution aims to simplify and optimize MRO operations for complex discrete manufacturers and MRO shops by overcoming disparate and siloed information systems. 

Target Markets: Aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, industrial equipment and electronics manufacturers.


  • Supports complex assembly, scheduled maintenance and supply chain consulting for MRO-related parts and equipment.
  • Offers artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities for predictive maintenance.
  • Provides industry-specific functionality for aerospace, shipbuilding and industrial equipment.


  • iBASEt Solumina MRO is designed for highly complex and regulated industries, which can make the implementation and integration process challenging and resource-intensive. This complexity might require significant customization and technical expertise, potentially leading to higher costs and longer deployment times.

Selecting the right MRO solution

For enterprise procurement teams, selecting the right MRO solution depends heavily on specific industry needs, the scale of operations and the strategic importance of MRO activities within their operations. These top five solutions each offer unique advantages and come with certain limitations, making it essential for enterprises to carefully assess their requirements before making a decision.

If you need support with your MRO needs, check out our case studies on how we’ve helped enterprise companies save money and optimize their resources. Or get in touch with our team.