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Harness the power of group buying

In recent years, group-buying organizations (GPOs) have gained popularity for one big reason:

Cost Savings!

Whether the group is made up of several companies within the same industry or various companies coming together to purchase similar products, the advantage remains the same. Increasing the amount of combined spend vastly improves your position in the market and leads to greater cost savings over time. Although it’s a fairly simple purchasing concept, it’s amazing how many organizations make a conscious decision to go it alone or not put forth the effort to seek out opportunities in lower-value categories.

If your manufacturing organization is looking for ways to save an average of 13-17% on MRO & other indirect materials, consider combining your spend with that of DSSI's customers, a group of billion-dollar organizations. Our cyclical bidding events are category-specific, supplier-agnostic and conducted using our industry-leading mass bidding tools that lock in pricing at an item level to ensure ongoing supplier commitment to the pricing agreement. 

To understand what your organization's cost savings opportunity is, use our Dynamic Procurement spend analytic tool or contact us directly to discuss how your manufacturing organization can take advantage of this group buying opportunity!