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DSSI Helps You Meet the Challenge of COVID and Beyond!

How A Managed Procurement Solution Helps Meet the Challenges of COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has rocked manufacturers worldwide, impacting procurement and supply chain operations at an extraordinary level. While there is an unprecedented demand for certain products, manufacturers are themselves grappling with sluggish growth and diminished profitability. It's left most procurement teams asking, "How do we ensure we're better prepared next time?"

Acquiring Production PPE
Through a vast supply chain network, a managed procurement solution acquires needed items, beyond traditional MRO, more easily than through other means. A couple of examples of how DSSI assisted its customers in urgent situations are:

  • One of our European customers in the pharmaceutical and food production industry needed to find a new source for disposable gowns for its employees to return to essential work. Because their traditional supply chain for those items was no longer available due to supply constraints, DSSI tasked its category managers to assist in identifying a new source. We were able to find a new supplier, who, just days before, had began manufacturing disposable gowns to the exact spec and was able to get them shipped immediately to our customer.
  • Another of our customers, this time in the U.S. automotive supply market was given pricing for bulk hand sanitizer thinking it would be an optimal way to purchase a critical product. When they were quoted a price, they thought was exorbitant, however, the customer reached out to DSSI. We were able to obtain the exact same product for 48% less than the price the supplier quoted by dealing directly with the manufacturer because of a past working relationship. Even during times of high demand, a managed procurement solution still finds ways to drive effective costs.

Effective Cleaning Solutions for COVID-19
While a managed procurement solution may be well known as a cost-effective MRO strategy, that same discipline can help businesses find needed facility services quickly and efficiently.
During these trying times, companies are under immense pressure to maintain a safe work environment while also keeping in mind the bottom line. One such new cost is related to effective cleaning of facilities. With so much for plant and procurement managers to worry about, finding cleaning service providers shouldn’t be one.

  • When one of DSSI’s largest automotive supply customers indicated they needed support early in 2020, we got to work to put a national program in place for Level 1, 2, and 3 cleaning so that plants could get the service they needed within a couple hours, whether it was proactive sanitation or remediation cleaning.

DSSI Supports Your Business Through COVID-19 and Beyond!

When a business properly utilizes managed procurement solutions, such as services provided by DSSI, customers get a level of insight into their spend that leads to effective budgeting, strategic planning and, ultimately, sustainable cost savings. This is something that has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. DSSI is here to work for you. Reach out today to discuss how we can help you with your indirect procurement!