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DSSI Drives Optimized Purchasing in Facilities Services Too

Recently, one of DSSI's large clients, a multi-billion-dollar Tier 1 automotive supplier, decided to sell one of its Technical Centers and needed to get it ready for the process. The client specified that the facility needed to be emptied of all cubicles and cleaned for selling within a 2-week time period to help meet financial commitments. DSSI got to work.

A Senior DSSI Services Buyer worked with representatives from the facility to understand the size, current layout, and timeline. From there, the buyer created a Scope of Work document that detailed the expected level of work to be performed in each area (washrooms, offices, general areas, kitchen), personnel performing the work, the hours in which the work was to be performed, and a breakdown between services and materials provided to help fully evaluate the bid responses. Once that was complete, the DSSI buyer identified 3 possible providers in the area, arranged for onsite surveys for each, and reviewed their respective bids. As a final step in the process, the buyer reached out to the leading candidate in the bidding process and further negotiated pricing to ensure an optimized bid on behalf of the customer.

The disciplined work paid off when DSSI was able to take on the work to optimize the project AND realize 18% savings off the lowest bid through continued negotiations!

DSSI is here to work for you. Whether that means optimizing the sourcing on your PPE and Hand Tool spend or finding the best local service provider to perform the work you need done across your organization. Reach out today to discuss how we can drive the same results for you!