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Collaboration is the key to enhancing supplier performance

When it comes to optimizing supplier performance management, quality business reviews (QBR) have proven to be an effective tool for best-in-class companies. The intent of the review is to provide an update on the state of the business as well as address any areas of concern for both companies.

DSSI conducts QBRs with its preferred suppliers in strategically managed categories including electrical, power/automation, material handling, office products, safety, and janitorial. DSSI uses a collaborative approach where both parties generate the presentation for the QBR together. Therefore, there aren’t any surprises regarding the issues to be covered, and next steps for addressing each item are presented during the meeting. In addition, both companies provide a scorecard on each other’s performance that identifies things done well and areas that need improvement.

This kind of QBR approach allows for a truly productive meeting for both parties where all concerns are addressed, action items are identified, and a commitment is made to successfully complete those items in a timely fashion.