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A Winning MRO Procurement Strategy Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

If you've ever organized a sourcing event for MRO, you can appreciate the amount of item data preparation that is required. Making sure you have accurate item data with correct manufacturer names and part numbers can be a tough but critical task. How do you know you are getting the best pricing if you are not certain what you are buying? Even after you’ve managed to identify the thousands of items your plants are buying and their various service requirements, there is still the arduous process of qualifying suppliers before you can even invite the right participants to your bid. Then there is the matter of how to most effectively conduct that bid, analyze the responses and negotiate the final details. It’s not surprising that many buyers never really are able to analyze the item level details necessary to optimize total costs.

Complications of MRO Solutions

The volume and breadth of MRO often lead buyers to strategies like selecting single integrated suppliers, or punching out to preferred supplier managed catalogs. These strategies simplify the effort but miss the mark of producing the lowest total cost and do not assure that all your users receive the best contractual price for all the items you have sourced every time they buy the item.

A Winning MRO Strategy

Now imagine a scenario in which a skilled team of procurement professionals with category expertise analyze your organization’s item level spend data and service requirements and source it out to an existing network of market-leading suppliers and OEMs on your behalf. Not only that, this skilled team of procurement professionals aggregates your spend with other clients so you gain access to hundreds of millions of dollars of leveraged MRO and indirect materials spend.

How DSSI Delivers Optimal MRO?

DSSI guarantees savings for participating clients so we count on our ability to deliver positive results. DSSI’s software tools enable mass bids for thousands of items to be conducted efficiently and at a detailed item level which ensures clients are seeing accurate bid results, comparing apples to apples and ultimately implementing sourcing results that produce the defined savings. Multi-client volume-leveraged mass bids make DSSI strategic sourcing a compelling value creator for clients. Learn how your organization can benefit from DSSI's Strategic Sourcing strategy by contacting us today.